Welcome to KD.Merchants Pvt.Ltd 

KDMPL takes pleasure in introducing ourselves as a manufacturer and buying representative / sourcing services to our international clients dealing in fashion garments for Men’s/Women’s/Girls/Boys/Kids , and we are also doing fashion accessories , Home décor, Bath ware , Home Furnishing, Kitchen ware, footwear etc.

KDMPL is an organization provides truly comprehensive and competitive out sourcing services for all its clients

KDMPL specializes in providing its clients excellent products both qualitative And quantitative with dedicated service that not only results in the customer satisfaction but also ensures a long lasting relationship.

With a experience of almost 25 years over the period of time we have built up a very strong And dedicated vendors base to meet any level of commercial commitments.

We specialize in the churning out a low cost production while maintaining the highest level of quality demands within the given time frame.

We provide our customer an advantage of access to the latest information in the apparel and fashion accessories and allied products through our market resourcing.